Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Try it Out

While there's life there is hope
We are what we are made of
There is a joy of life
And the pain of death.
I didn't choose this life
It chose me.
As I am so you are
The future is ours
We all live to die .
We can replace things not people
But do we really know that?
Why people victimise others?
Marriage is a merketable place
It is the voice of reason and of future
In order to love someone
One had no choice but to be real
Then only hopes will never grow grey.
Be part of the solution
Don't wait for tomorrow
For it never comes
When it come it becomes today
You may get back the wasted money
But you will not get the wasted time.
Before anything else get ready
It is the secret of success.
Live happily and die happily
Your soul will turn into bird when you die
Be satisfied with what you have
Our desires will never end
What is yours to bestow
Is not yours to reserve
Don't act as you fit
Pain will be paid for with pleasure.
You can empty an ocean with a tea cup
Investigate, it is not a luxury
It is a necessity in life
Use 3-Hs, head, hands and heart
Have confidence in yourself
If you think you can, you can
And if you think you can't your'e right.
Life is too young to abuse drugs
But old enough to face the challanges
Don't think of challanges,
They are not challanges
Challanges are oppertunities in our life
Think and try it out yourself.
Try it out yourself like flowers,
That grows boldly from underground,
You will be loved by all ages
They will come to you.
Lastly try it out yourself
Be real yourself.

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