Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Food of Love

Smile is a language of love,
It is a source to win the hearts,
And it is a name of livelihood,
That creates greatness in personality.
Smile of a child

Smile makes flowers alive,
I love to see thy smile,
In the lone summer light,
I like to hold thee so close to my heart,
Forever I will cherish with thee,
No matter how hard I have to be.

I will try even if my life crushes,
I will not give up, I will rise high,
I will try to fly and touch the sky,
Even if the world says, thee have no wings,
I will try to win even if I am loosing,
I will try to have hope in my life.
I awake each day with a smile,
And greet it with a laugh.

The world is a treasure to me because of thee,
Every time I think of something sad
I replace the thought with thee.

Every breath I take is meant for thee.
I live this life surrounded in joy,
My soul belongs to thee.

Each time I see something beautiful,
I want to bring it to thee,
My life has so much meaning now,
All because of thee.

Flowers die, stories ends,
Songs fades, memories are forgotten,
All things come to an end,
But precious people like thou art always remembered.

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