Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Money is Everything

To me, when I think of money, it is a special decorated paper with numerical written on it to represent its worthiness with some images of great structures or person which are of about 98 cm2. The worth of money differs in different countries and its value differs from person to person. One dollar is not equal to one rupee.

Some may say, "Money is everything". Yeah, money is everything. If money is everything, then surely everything is money. It is an object of eyes and subject of mind. The reason I meant "Money is everything" may slightly differs with your opinion or I don't know. Here, I don't mean in terms of wealth, I mean in terms of "paper" money. Different people have different amount of money. Nobody would say, "I have this much money". Out of many, may be few would say just to influence others. Or else they would say, “I gave Nu 50000 to my brothers for constructing his house’’. Or some would say, “My children are studying in Private School, I have to give to her/him”, or whatever. (I am just assuming).
 When such a billionaire or malik say they don't have enough money, do you think a beggar would proudly say, s/he has enough money? Yes, I am sure s/he would certainly say but they will have their own reasons for begging.
Money is one of the deadliest things in the world. If you don’t know how to manage, it is your greatest enemy, it is a murderer. If you know how to manage, there are no other things as friendlier as money. When you have enough money, how do you spend it? Spend in buying most needed commodities? Or spend in buying those most luxurious things? Or spend on pleasurable and relaxing times? Or I don’t know if you spend your money on some other activities like partying, drugs, on opposite sex (men spending on women and vice versa) which are unsociable. All these activities depend on the amount of money you have.
Now let me say money as an enemy when you do not know how to manage it. To those who are addicted to drugs, money is their real enemy. If they have money, they will buy drugs from somewhere else even if the laws do permit them to do. If they don’t have money, they will either kill themselves or they will do some unethical deeds. From birth, we all are pure, nobody takes drugs, nobody lie, nobody steals, so on and so forth. As we grow and as things changes, everything thing happens which is I must say “money’. 

To those who are in relationship and have children, do you spend your money to others (I mean other than your partner besides your relatives)? You must be or I don’t know. If you are spending like that, you have double role to play which is more money. Rather you should spend for your own family which is more benefiting and safer for you at the same time. Once you enjoy with other partners, you will like to enjoy another time. After that you will get addicted and you will not enjoy with your own partner. The ultimate sufferer will either be you or your family, which is again money. The same principle applies to those singles that mingles and loiters. 

So how would you spend your money????
Money is friendlier in many ways if you know how to use it as I already mentioned above. It’s needless to explain. You know more than anybody else. 

In order to use your money efficiently and more purposefully, you have to prioritize what to buy, when to buy, what to do, so on and so forth. You have to make a list to do. We should know the time and the season that we face money shortage. For an instance, we know when to snow, so we prepare to face the snow by buying bukaries and collects firewood to keep us warm. Like wise, we should keep money to face money shortage. We also should know the days that we face money shortage in a month if we are low income earner. In that way, by know the time and the season, you can manage your money and there can’t be a day to say “I don’t have money’. 
There's must be a day in a month in which you face money shortage. Do you? If you are in service, you must be facing money shortage when you are about to receive next salary? Or you must be facing money shortage when there are annual festivals, rituals, losars, so on and so forth. But I don't know. You have to be proactive. After knowing the above activities mentioned, you have to keep your money, then only " Money is Everything''.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Story Begins

Desperately searching for water
The story begins like this.....

Once there was a crow. She was in the verge of dieing because of thirst. As she was going round the valley, she came across a vessel. She looked inside the vessel and was very happy to see the water but she could not reach the water with her beak. She thought of a plan, then she put gravels inside the vessel and soon the water rises up. She drank the water and her
thirst was quenched. This was her hard work.


Searching for other alternatives
This story doesn't end here. Nothing achieves overnight. We should have patience. The same crow was once again felt thirsty. This time, she came across a wet wood where water drops from it. A drop of water was not enough for her to quench her thirst. The rate of drop was also too slow. She saw a broad leave plant nearby. She fold the leave and collect the water. After waiting for so long, the water filled the leave and she drank and her thirst was quenched. In this way, you need hard work and patience in your life.

You can't achieve greatness overnight. Working hard constantly without procrastinating can.

Merry Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
Ladies and gentlemen,

Before the resolutions of the another year
A day, worldly celebrated every year uniquely
By all walks of lives
To remember that there exist such a noble humanity has come.
When all comes together on the same day at the same time for the same purpose,
Then I must say, "This is the Happiness".
To me, its not just a celebration to remember Christ
But also to celebrate the achievements of the past 11 months.
From the east of Japan to the west of USA,
And from the north of Artic to the south of Antartic.
Lives dwelling in all longitudes and latitude,
Mountains and plains, rivers and oceans
And to the whole universe
On this very day
I wish you all merry merry merry "Christmas Day".
May all be Happy.
Let the sun of Happiness shine on every lives of the universe.

° . .    . ☾ °  . * ● ¸ .   ★ ° :.  . • ○ ° ★  .  * .   ☾   .   °  . ● .    ° ¸. .  ★  ★ ° ¸. ¸  ★ ° . .    . ☆
 . * ● ¸ .   ★ ° :. . • ○ ° ★  .  * . to all of you   °  ¸. ● .  ★  ★ ° ¸. ¸  ★° . .    . ☾ °  . * ● ¸ .   ★ ° :.  . • ○ ° ★  .  * .   ☾   .   °  . ● .    °  ¸. ● .  ★  ★ ° ¸. ¸  ★ °. .` `^ . ☾ °  . * ●
° _██_*
*. /♫♫\ .˛* .˛.*.* * *
˛. (´•
̮•)*˛°*/ ­.♫.♫\*˛.* ˛_Π_____. * ˛*
.°( . • . ) ˛°./• '♫ ' •\.˛*./______/ ­~
*.˛*.˛* ˛. *
*(...'•'.. ) *˛╬╬╬╬╬˛°.
|田田 |門|╬╬╬╬ .
˜¯`´¯˜"*°•♥•°*" ­ ­˜¯` ´ Merry Christmas!¯˜"*°
with love and care
C. Kitt

Change we Believe in

Do you believe in changes?
  Of course I do. I m a firm believer of changes. Everything around us changes, change in shape, form, smell, color, so on and so forth.

Did you believe in so called "The End of the World" in 2012?
Shamed and Blamed

I guess you had. But I don't know. Those believed in this hearing must have done unsociable acts which are wildly spread elsewhere like a wild fire.

I use to against this sometimes ago when I was in class ix. I use to debate with my friends regarding the '' End of the World'' in 2012. They use to say, '' we have few years to live, let us do some thing harmful''. I use to quarrel with them.

Believing in permanent thing is against the natural law of impermanence which I believe. Because of this so called "The End of the World", lives of many might have changed in off-tract ways. It should be otherwise. I don't know if somewhere else on the earth have murdered their livestock, jumped from the cliff, must have done wildly deeds just for believing others.

Nevertheless, you are different, you have to be different.


Facebook, the worldly used social network. Some use this net work for information, some use it for entertainment, some uses it to meet their friends and to make new friends. Some uses it to showcase their talents, beauty, smartness, wealth, body figure, so on and so forth which are of course advertisements.
Some must be using this net work to find life partners but I don't know. Some must be using it for bad intention. 

I certainly can't assure that this social network "Facebook" is very educative and informative. May be, I mean really 'may be' 32% of users lives (mostly female but I don't know) might have influenced by negativity.

Nevertheless, Facebook is for you... Your life your wish..
However, ........................ Happiness is what I wish .........................

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Hearing and Listening

Hearing and Listening isn’t same. When we hear something, that doesn’t mean we are listening. The sounds fall in our ears automatically and we do not really care about them. When we listen, our mind and ears connects together. The sense of seeing is also required with the situation. Our mind goes round and round leaving the gap between the previous words and we forget what is said.
Seeing and Observing
Seeing and observing is just like hearing and listening. We see things around us every day but we do not care.

Water mills in Thrimshing Village

Water mills that were once widely used by farmers for grinding grains are now rarely found. Due to cheap sources of energy and availability of raw materials, they survived through generations. Water being the primary source of fuel to run these mills, they are located near river banks. This project was designed with the objectives to identify the raw materials used in constructing water mills and to analyse the problems in using water mills.
Materials & Method
This study was carried out at Thrimshing village under Trashigang Dzongkhag where traditional water mills are still found. Information were collected through face-to-face interviews with farmers, water mill owners, extension agents and the elderly people (who have better knowledge of water mills) in the study site using both structured and semi-structured questionnaires.
Results & Discussions
There are three types of grinding mills in the study area namely, stone mills (using hand power), water mills and modern mills using diesel as fuel. It was found that most of the farmers (13 farmers out of 30) use water mills in grinding their dried grains.
Water mills are built using raw materials available in the locality. The walls are made either with stones or bamboos. The roofs are made of bamboos which do not last more than five years. And the water mill sheds are located near rivers banks. Doors in water mills are made up of bamboos and are not fixed strongly. Grinding stones can be found only in bank of rivers. Those stones have to be shaped and curved into a sphere shape. Water mills are environment friendly. They are easy to operate and do not produce pollution. They are indeed very useful, cheap and ‘green’ technology.
However, one of the major constraints of using water mill is due to shortage of water in dry season. Sometimes, the water in the streams gets dry even to turn the turbines.

Water mills are fully indigenous technology made by local people using locally available raw materials. There are several possibilities for developing water mills, using local resources which can be more efficient to solve the problems faced by the farmers

Friday, 11 May 2012

Story from Venus

Our fore-parents suffered a lot just to survive themselves. My home was just like your home the earth. That time Venus was the only life supporting planet. Just like the people of the earth we also lived happily. But when the time changed, behavior of the people changed. people looked for their own benefits. They never thought about the future. All the resources available were fully used.

Leaders of the nations tried their best to protect the lives of the people of the planet but nothing worked. Every country worked as they fit. They even didn't bother to look their neighbors. People were so selfish, so rude, not religious. Their hearts were heavy and their mouths were bitter. There was no cooperation between the nations. Their relations broke followed by war. Powerful countries dominated powerless countries.The good thing was, there was great advancement in science and technologies.

Due to the large number of industries, temperature of the planet rises drastically. Air was not safe enough to breath. There was heavy acid-rainfall thereby destroying the crops of the people and even the lives of the animals. Due to the high pollution from the industries, ozone layer failed to protect ultra-violet rays. These rays directly falls to the planet and caused serious damage to the lives of the planet. Snows on the high mountains melts thereby increasing the size of the oceans. Some countries sunk under the oceans.

Block Day Report on Storage Grain Pest


We are very much thankful to our module teacher Mrs. Ugyen Yangchen for taking us to farm households to identify the storage grain pest and their management by the farmers. We were able to know the problems faced by farmers regarding the storage pests and we could identify pests. We also would like to thank the farmers of Tagochen, Shengana for sharing their valuable knowledge and providing time with us. Without them our objectives would have been in vain.
Moreover, we would also like to thank all of our friends for their support in writing this report.

Chapter One

1.1 Introduction

Post harvest is an important part of agriculture. If crops are not stored properly after harvest, pests and diseases would easily attack the grains in the storage thereby causing loss to the farmers. If the grains are not properly managed, they would cause a great loss to the farmers.

 1.2 Objectives

ü  To identify the type of pests and rodents affecting the crops
ü  To study the problems faced by the farmers with the storage grain pest

Chapter Two

It is important to know the pest in the storage as agriculture students. Without the knowledge about the storage grain pest, somebody may not be able to tell farmers how to manage the storage pests and rodents. Therefore, with the objectives to identify the type of pest and to study the problems faced by the farmers in storing the grains, we went to Shengana to interview farmers. It was found that the main pests attacking the storage grains are rice weevil and rats.


In order to fulfil the objectives, the information was collected from six farm households at Tagochen, Shengana under Punakha Dzongkha through structure and semi-structure interview.

Chapter Three - Results and Discussions

3.1 Cereal crops grown:

Rice is grown as the main crop in the summer by the farmers of Tagochen. In winter farmers said that they grow wheat, buckwheat and barley. Unlike rice, they grow maize for home consumption only. They also grow vegetable. According to Aum Yangdon, she said that she grows vegetable for home consumption only. 

3.2 Materials used to stored grains by the farmers of Tagochen

Farmers use following materials to store their grains:
a.      Bamboo basket

b.      Wooden boxes
             The problems in using wooden box are that, during summer seasons mosses and fungi grow thereby the grains in the box get damaged.

c.       Jute and Polythene bags 
                  The problems in storing the grains in jute and polythene bags are that, these bags are easily get damaged by rats. They create a hole and the grains are easily available to them.

d.      Metal drums
        The problems in using the metal drums are that, they get rusted and form rust which get mixed with grains and it is difficult to segregate.

3.3 Pest that attack the stored grains

 Some of the main pests in the storage are weevils, grain moth etc. ‘Most of the damages are done by the larvae of these pests in the storage’, said Ap Tawcho. According to Aum Kinley, rats are the most notorious pest. ‘It destroys the crops in the field and also in the storage’. She also said that, rats create nonsense by moving here and there inside the house and sometimes they make holes in the walls and brings lots of rubbish.

3.4 Management Practices

 Through their experiences, farmers have developed many types of storage system in order to prevent the loss from storage grain pest. Through the advice from the extensions and through their own experiences, they said that they are maintaining the sanitation.
Some of the management practices are stated below:
a.      Sunning/drying
 In case of rice moth, sun-drying is the only way to get rid-off the moths. She said that, while drying in the sun, the moth die and flies away due to the heat of the sun. During rainy days, it’s difficult for the household because, they cannot dry their grains in the sun. So, she said that most of the grains get damaged during rainy days.

b.      Trapping and predators
 In order manage the rodents like rats, she said that she use to keep traps in the runways of the rats and near the holes. She also keep cat to manage rats in the house. “Without cats, rats can destroy the whole storage grain”, said Ap Tawcho. Everybody says killing is sin but for farmers who depend on the crops has no options but to kill the pest that damage the grains. Otherwise, it would be great loss to the farmers.

c.       Sanitation
Sanitation is an important activity in storing grains. “If sanitation is not maintained, insects easily attack the grains”, Aum Chimmi said. She said that she use to clean the residues and unwanted grains in the storage containers.

d.      Rotational use of storage bins
Aum Kinley said that she store her grains in different containers on the rotation basis. “If rice is stored in wooden box this year, we will store buckwheat next year”. When storing the same grains in same container, the disadvantage is pest easily attack the grains, she said.

e.        Chemical treatment
The farmers of Tagochen do not use any chemicals for storage grains to keep away the pests. “Since we are illiterate, we do not have any idea about the chemical”, Ap Tawcho said. Moreover, the pests in the storage do not cause huge damage. Most of the farmers said that, they do not know what chemicals


We found out that the farmers of Tagochen are hard working. Farmers were cooperative and they have strong relation with their neighbours. Meeting farmers and sharing their experiences is the happiest movements. The information we got from them were educative. The knowledge they have about the storing grains is very effective in managing the pests.
Lastly, we would like to thank each and everyone for sharing knowledge about the storage of grains and it pests.