Sunday, 22 April 2012

My Home

Thrimshing village
To the north of Phegpari,
To the east of Brekha,
And to the west of Tsangpo,
Facing Thimkhar-
Lies my sweet village; Thrimshing.

In my childhood, it was poor;
Without water supply, electricity and road .
Thrimshing lhakhang
Beside others –
Fetching water form a pond,
Staying in the light of pinewood;
Locally called lintshong,
Would be a hard life of farmers,
Collecting lintshong wasn’t an easy task,
It would take a day just to collect a basket full,
But was only the choice in those days.

Now, the days of lintshong,
And the days of happiness has arrived.
My home has become a better place to dwell.
A place where I can find Gross National Happiness (GNH) 
With every modern facilities.

Thrimshing Comunity School
The people live with the most harmonious life here,
They have a strong society relation,
Strong believer of culture and tradition,
But due to some unfair activities of some,
One man's food become another man's poison.
Even than, for me my home is the best place, 
Therefore, I shall work hard at something worth for my village.

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