Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Thou art Angel

I didn't meet like thee in the past
The best dress thou art in
With glittering rings on thy ears.
I feel like holding thee to my heart unhurt
But away thee dwell,
Still I never let thee from my little heart
Even then I do have concern
Thou art true angel of my life.

Thy cheeks art like the full moon
It does shine my little dark heart
Thou art like a new strung instrument
That is newly put in tune.
Even if the ocean runs dry
And rocks melt into sands
I will love thee still, my dear.

Even if I go a thousand miles
I vow thy face to see
Although I go ten thousand miles
I will come again to thee, my dear love
I will come again to thee
Even if my ways are barred
Don't leave me, I love you.
Hold me to your heart
As I hold you to my little heart.

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