Saturday, 7 April 2012

Where is Gross National Happiness (GNH)?

Where can we find Gross National Happiness? Is there GNH in the cities? Can we find GNH in the industrial areas where there is lots of pollution? Can we find GNH in the streets?

The Gross National Happiness is in the villages where there is no intervention of modern facilities. Unlike in the urban centers the facilities in the villages are countable. Yet, they are the true happy people with the least they have. They are the people who actually enjoy the true happiness. They have no worries for insecurity and no tension of work load.
Different cultural practices are still alive in the villages. Their respect to the costume and culture is incredible. One cannot deny believes of villagers because they have been practicing those cultures for generations and they are very much related to religious facts and can be even related to the science. Of course, there are exceptions.

Some of the neglected traditional technologies are available in the villages like water mills, stone mills; stone and wood rice hullers which we cannot find in the urban centers. These technologies are more than 50 years old. They have been using these technologies from generations to generations. Once modern western technologies are brought into traditional society, they manage to superimpose themselves and compete successfully with local production machines. I fear that one day, these technology might vanish. Never the less, it is always good not to have too many modern technologies.
Traditional post harvest technology in dry

People in the villages have very strong relations among themselves, their neighbors and the relatives which are lagging in the urban centers. It’s my personal view. Whenever the problems arise, they help each other. Every household contributes their helping hands, whether it is for personal or whether it is for public. That much helpful they are though they are illiterate. If they were educated, something miracles must have happened. So, the true GNH is in the villages.
How can urban dwellers survive if there is shortage of food supply from outside? For the villagers, there is nothing to worry. Whether it is a water shortage or food shortage, they somehow manage. The life in the villages is heaven-like. Free of pollution and violence. Breathing the clean air and tasting the organically grown food. There is nowhere happier than to live in the villages.

Meeting the farmers in the villages and sharing about the past could be the happiest movement. The elderly people in the villages have no wish to go to the cities. It is not because they have nobody to look after them; it is because they have found the happiness in their own village. 

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