Monday, 16 April 2012

SWOT analysis

There was a man who lives in a building who has a very beautiful wife. For him she was a world. She was beautiful to the extent that his eyes never get tired of looking at her charming and gorgeous figure. 

One fine evening, the man was resting on the veranda looking around and refreshing his mind. Suddenly, he found a woman in the next building who was more gorgeous than his wife. He thought that his wife was the most beautiful lady but after seeing the women in another building, his mind changed.

 The woman in the next building was  committed to relationship. Now, how would you do a SWOT analysis?  The strength for the man was his wife and the weakness was the other woman in the next building. What was his opportunity? His opportunity was when the husband of that woman is out for the work, he can take an opportunity. But there was a threat that his wife will be taken by somebody when he is out.

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