Saturday, 24 March 2012


I must say, cooperation is better than competition. There can be no doubts that every individual possess sacred interest in their life simply because they are identical with their life and their right to live. But what to do, being a global citizen there is no other option than by cooperating each other so as to make our world more secure and a better place to dwell in.

 It’s not the choice it’s the only way. We are only as strong as we are united and as weak we are divided. In the past , few powerful leaders had implemented the international laws and so many ended in failures including the League of Nations because often their plans and programmes were vaguely formulated, mixture of possible and impossible aims in which their wish thought seems to play a minor role. In that way, the laws became like scarecrows [once the birds realized that scarecrows are harmless doll they make their homes on it]. That happened because of their poor sighted solutions.
Strong as we are united

But what has done can't be undone. Our task now is not to fix the blame for the past but to fix the course for the future. We should think of the hungry children in the streets without having any parents, we have to think of the civilians working in the field without any payment, we have to think of the injured animals in the forest who have nobody to look after. We must bring up all of them to stay happy like us. They also deserve to stay happy just like us. Let us get out of the problems by solving it today.

Abetter place to dwell

Tomorrow never comes, when it come it becomes today. We don't want nuclear weapons. We don't want war. War is not the final solution. Let us act as humane not only human. I think time has been ripped to increase the number of permanent members in the UN Security Council so that issues discussed will be more successful. We are no more in our own rooms.

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