Saturday, 24 March 2012

Not Dogs, Gods

I love dogs. Loving dogs does not mean I hate other animals. I do love them too. Dogs welcome us by waving their tails. They guard our homes, crops and many more. People neglect the stray dogs. They even do not bother to feed them rather they show their superiority. Dogs are just like we humans, they do feel pain when somebody throws stone at them, they cry like us, they do eat food, they also pass stool like us. So why do we have to differentiate so much about them? They never harm us unless we harm them.

All animals are our parents in our previous lives. They also want to eat good food like us, they want to live happily, they also deserves good actions from humans but we humans, evil spirit being in our mind tend to act more worse than the dogs. Dogs not gods we should know. We are just like a child picking up pebbles on the shore of boundless ocean. Physically, we see as dogs but do we know what they really are? We can't judge a book by its cover.

Men today are worst than animals, they show their superiority inside and animals outside. What’s done can't be undone though. But we should learn to like the things around us that need to be done. Dogs are one of the animals that will never forget if once seen. They can hear which we can't hear. Every animal was our mothers in previous lives. She fed us with milk. She worked hard to give us a good food. She never came empty hand from her work; she bought sweets and gave us. Do you remember that she had safe your life from falling into the river and from the hot burning fire? If you love animals, it is believed that you will never reborn as an animal. In loving animals it does not cost us.

 Sometimes we see dogs in the streets. They have nobody to care them. If we do not have the ability to help others, we should not harm them. They will never harm you as long as you do something harmful on them. Sometimes I used to think of the injured animals in the forest that have nobody to look after them. I just can't believe how much I am blessed to be born as a human being.  So, develop a good attitude. Show your loving kindness.

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