Thursday, 26 April 2012

Tribute to my teachers

The teachers of the past, present and future,
Whose compassions are infinite and unconditional,
On this very auspicious occasion,
On the knowledge of the students from ten directions,
I wish you all a very Happy Teachers Day.
Praying for happiness

Dull it would be the soul who could pass by,
You have taught us the importance of truth;
To the character and beauty to the soul,
You are the best the world can hold,
True teachers, you are always remained in the hearts.

Teaching is the profession,
That teaches all other professions.
Hadn’t teachers been there in the dark,
We would have mistaken the path and
Dull would be the world that could pass by.

You are the bravest of all,
The world has nothing to show more,
Unto the open field and to the empty sky,
Your knowledge, like the beams,
Warmed the earth and us.

You have chosen the untraveled way,
For whose way like the Pacific Ocean,
In creation, your heart is a powerful ray,
To such a deep, it would win everybody,
And the darkness would be more clear than noon-day.
in the past
Concrete words may replace abstractions,
Name of an artist may substitute his work,
But the true teachers cannot be replaced.
Without doctors, patient may die,
And the infrastructures may collapse without engineers
But without teachers, the world would collapse.

The kindness and care you have provided,
And the way you have shown,
Are the most valuable thing,
As long as the space and sentient remains,
You all will remain in our hearts.

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