Wednesday, 21 March 2012

From Venus

 X came from Venus, the second planet. Once Venus was one of the life supporting planet in the universe just like our earth.  There was landmass dividing each continent. Like the ancient people of the earth, ancient people of Venus also suffered from basic needs like food, clothes and shelter.  Leaders of the world met together to make a better world.

 After many years they were able to develop their planet. There was advancement in science and technology. Poor countries were helped by richer countries. Even than there were few black countries. they act as they fit.  However, majority of the leaders were kind enough to help each other. But  people were not religious enough to look for other peoples benefit and for the future. Their cooperation didn't last long. they used the adequate resources to the fullest, not keeping for the future. not long after, their resources were exhausted, there was no water and there was shortage of and clean environment was out of the leaders of the world didn't cooperate each other. There was caos and competition between the nations.

Due to the industries advancement and factories there was pollution everywhere. Due to high concerntration of pollution, ozone layer fail to protect ultraviolet-rays. these rays directly falls to the planet Venus. It cause severe damages to the life of the people of Venus. So the temperature of the planet increased drastically. People were helpless about it. They regret for their unsociable deeds. All the snow of great mountains melt and the oceans increased in  its size. Landmass near the oceans  drowned. In the absence of atmosphere water cycles fails. there was no rain. People developed technologies to trap clouds to get water. Clouds were highly polluted and people suffered from cancers.

Not so long, all the lives of the planet Venus was vanished. They all turned to burning objects. Due to extreme temperature everything turned into fire and still we can see the burning flame on the planet Venus. Sooner or latter our earth may follow Venus. All the snows on the great moutains will melt. Even the snows on the Mts. Everest will melt. So we should not get surprised  if somebody from Everest says  that s/he uses freeze and fans for cooling their homes.

Cooperation is better than competition.

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