Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Money is Everything

To me, when I think of money, it is a special decorated paper with numerical written on it to represent its worthiness with some images of great structures or person which are of about 98 cm2. The worth of money differs in different countries and its value differs from person to person. One dollar is not equal to one rupee.

Some may say, "Money is everything". Yeah, money is everything. If money is everything, then surely everything is money. It is an object of eyes and subject of mind. The reason I meant "Money is everything" may slightly differs with your opinion or I don't know. Here, I don't mean in terms of wealth, I mean in terms of "paper" money. Different people have different amount of money. Nobody would say, "I have this much money". Out of many, may be few would say just to influence others. Or else they would say, “I gave Nu 50000 to my brothers for constructing his house’’. Or some would say, “My children are studying in Private School, I have to give to her/him”, or whatever. (I am just assuming).
 When such a billionaire or malik say they don't have enough money, do you think a beggar would proudly say, s/he has enough money? Yes, I am sure s/he would certainly say but they will have their own reasons for begging.
Money is one of the deadliest things in the world. If you don’t know how to manage, it is your greatest enemy, it is a murderer. If you know how to manage, there are no other things as friendlier as money. When you have enough money, how do you spend it? Spend in buying most needed commodities? Or spend in buying those most luxurious things? Or spend on pleasurable and relaxing times? Or I don’t know if you spend your money on some other activities like partying, drugs, on opposite sex (men spending on women and vice versa) which are unsociable. All these activities depend on the amount of money you have.
Now let me say money as an enemy when you do not know how to manage it. To those who are addicted to drugs, money is their real enemy. If they have money, they will buy drugs from somewhere else even if the laws do permit them to do. If they don’t have money, they will either kill themselves or they will do some unethical deeds. From birth, we all are pure, nobody takes drugs, nobody lie, nobody steals, so on and so forth. As we grow and as things changes, everything thing happens which is I must say “money’. 

To those who are in relationship and have children, do you spend your money to others (I mean other than your partner besides your relatives)? You must be or I don’t know. If you are spending like that, you have double role to play which is more money. Rather you should spend for your own family which is more benefiting and safer for you at the same time. Once you enjoy with other partners, you will like to enjoy another time. After that you will get addicted and you will not enjoy with your own partner. The ultimate sufferer will either be you or your family, which is again money. The same principle applies to those singles that mingles and loiters. 

So how would you spend your money????
Money is friendlier in many ways if you know how to use it as I already mentioned above. It’s needless to explain. You know more than anybody else. 

In order to use your money efficiently and more purposefully, you have to prioritize what to buy, when to buy, what to do, so on and so forth. You have to make a list to do. We should know the time and the season that we face money shortage. For an instance, we know when to snow, so we prepare to face the snow by buying bukaries and collects firewood to keep us warm. Like wise, we should keep money to face money shortage. We also should know the days that we face money shortage in a month if we are low income earner. In that way, by know the time and the season, you can manage your money and there can’t be a day to say “I don’t have money’. 
There's must be a day in a month in which you face money shortage. Do you? If you are in service, you must be facing money shortage when you are about to receive next salary? Or you must be facing money shortage when there are annual festivals, rituals, losars, so on and so forth. But I don't know. You have to be proactive. After knowing the above activities mentioned, you have to keep your money, then only " Money is Everything''.

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