Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Change we Believe in

Do you believe in changes?
  Of course I do. I m a firm believer of changes. Everything around us changes, change in shape, form, smell, color, so on and so forth.

Did you believe in so called "The End of the World" in 2012?
Shamed and Blamed

I guess you had. But I don't know. Those believed in this hearing must have done unsociable acts which are wildly spread elsewhere like a wild fire.

I use to against this sometimes ago when I was in class ix. I use to debate with my friends regarding the '' End of the World'' in 2012. They use to say, '' we have few years to live, let us do some thing harmful''. I use to quarrel with them.

Believing in permanent thing is against the natural law of impermanence which I believe. Because of this so called "The End of the World", lives of many might have changed in off-tract ways. It should be otherwise. I don't know if somewhere else on the earth have murdered their livestock, jumped from the cliff, must have done wildly deeds just for believing others.

Nevertheless, you are different, you have to be different.

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