Saturday, 5 May 2012

Why do you think deer has wrinkled forehead?

There was an elephant living near the pool formed by a stream. Every time he goes to the pool she found the water muddy. One day, elephant was so annoyed. He looked around and saw a deer grazing in the forest. He called the deer and said, ‘Do you have any idea about the water source’. ‘No’, replied the deer with much fear. ‘Go and see the creature at the source’, said the elephant angrily.  She pulled her hair and gave to the deer. ‘Tell the creature that I am the boss of this place’. The deer took the hair of an elephant and went to the source. The source was not very far.
Such a huge creature
Upon reaching the source, the deer found a porcupine borrowing the earth. The deer asked what was he doing. ‘I am building a home’, replied the porcupine arrogantly. The soil burrowed was all fallen to the water and the water has become muddy. The deer told him about the elephant and showed him the hair. The porcupine pulled a quill from his back and said, ‘show this quill to the elephant and tell him that this quill is the smallest of all’.

A small creature
The deer went back to the elephant. He found the elephant curiously waiting. ‘Who was there at the source’, said the elephant. The deer showed the quill and the words but didn’t tell her how small it was. By showing the quill and the words of the porcupine, the elephant ran away from the place. The deer then become hopeless and expressed his hopelessness on his forehead because elephant ran away from such small creature. That’s why, deer has wrinkled forehead.

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