Sunday, 17 March 2013

One Reason for Divorce

Understanding Misunderstanding is a better Understanding.

In the words of 1st US President Gorge Washington, "Never underestimate the modernization".
In ancient times before the coin and paper money, humans have exchanged goods and goods. With the introduction of coin money, people exchanged goods and coin money.
  After the invention of Paper money, people exchanged everything with it. Wives exchanging husband & children with it. Husbands exchanging wives with it. So, if somebody say, "Money is everything", I don want to argue. Human Civilization is a continuous process and I guess.
These things happen because before their real marriage when they are in love they only express gentleness, kindness, patience and so on to earn the love. But the dictionaries meanings of love have changed now. The word love has its meaning in every individual. Sometimes it is riskily used and implied by those vulnerable hearts driven by those fake and untrue expressions jeopardizing the self lives. Young hearts avoid expressing the true inborn nature fearing that they will loose their love ones, so they pretend to be so generous and attached.
But once you are in commitment, that fake generosity, fake kindness, pretended patience and so on fades and uncovers the true color. Then true character and nature will be expressed by each other. If a partner like s/he will be glad. But if s/he does not like, s/he would say, “Lately you are acting differently”.  If your partner says so, its not a sign of strong commitment. You must solve the problems.
Therefore, before your true relationship begins, when you are in love, its better to express your true nature and character. You should make your partner understand you and you need to understand others also. You have to put in other shoes.  However, different people, born on different dates and different places will definitely have different opinions driven by the formless, shapeless, colorless mind will be different. Its you who have to be vigilance about yourself.

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