Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Mirror; The decisive image reflector

“Mirror mirror, who is the most beautiful on the wall’’, Snow Whites’ step mother would proudly ask to her speaking mirror hoping for the best response from it.

Rather the mirror would softly reply, ‘You are the most beautiful but Snow white is more beautiful than you’. This unexpected response would injure the heart of devil woman who at last got so infuriated and broke the speaking mirror into pieces. She did everything to murder Snow White but the true and virtuous beauty of Snow White defeated the devil and fabricated pretentious woman.

How would you react if your mirror says, ‘You are beautiful but someone is more beautiful than you’, or if it say, ‘You will not get the thing that you deserve’. Will you react like the devil woman of the story ‘’Snow White’’? 

Do you ask your mirror about your beauty or smartness? Or you forget to ask because you think you are the most beautiful or smart? I don’t know if you are rather worried about your external fabricated appearances after looking into the mirror. Or else you might be worried that others comments on your physical looks or I don’t know. How can’t be your external appearance looks beautiful or smart when you paint and dent so much? These ingredients aren’t self made. These are all imported. Yet you depend too much on it make your external fabrication. In that way, you must be spending more that 5% of you money to buy those so called fabricated ingredients.

And if your mirror speaks, it would definitely say, ‘You are the most beautiful or smart’. But it would be frustrating for you if it say, ‘Someone is more beautiful than you’. It’s glad that our mirrors do not speak. Otherwise, there would be no peace and happiness in this world.

If you are a female, you might be preparing more than twenty minutes just to look into the mirror for few seconds. Or I don’t know if you take longer time. And if you are male, I assume that you take little less than female to look into the mirror. But I really don’t know because modernization we can’t underestimate. In that way, you must be spending more than 2% of total time of the day. If you are students you will be late to most of your studies and classes. If you are office goers, you will be late. Mirror is in any ways, a time consumer.
Everything seen inside the mirror will be just opposite of the original. Your right will be seen in left and vice versa.
So, when you see your pretty image inside the mirror, you should know that it’s a fake and deceiving image of you. Even your color will be different.  In some mirror you will see your brighter appearance while in some mirror you will see your darker image. In that way, mirrors really deceives. But I am pretty sure you can’t live without a mirror. You would even argue that mirror is one of your goenchey but I never meant to against your everyday duty; your duty to look in to the mirror before you go out of you room and as soon as you reach in your room. 

I am just sharing my thoughts about mirror which is indeed useful if its purpose is known.
In the words of Shakespeare about beauty, he said ‘’Virtuous is Beauty’’, and those fabricated beauties are like a wolf in lamb’s cloth.

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