Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Happy Spring

Every spring it blossoms a new,
Season of the gloomy months
Reclaim its strength and breaths again.
The gentle breeze came lowly,
The time I’ve enjoy’d the beautiness of nature,
More than ever, I cherish’d its glory
Clouds kissing the earth and sky,
Vanished behind the range of mountains,
To it I would bid a month good-bye.
In my mind every moment remains green,
The blossom flowers on the forest edge,
Were dancing with the breeze lightly,
So lovely to be loved by every age,
I saw what I saw but more brightly.
Noble nature of the spring days,
Hath not pass’d in to nothingness,
Birdies came from many ways,
I sight an increase’d loveliness.
Being too happy in such happiness,
I lost both love and loathing.
Spring welcomes the guest of jungle,
It is an awesome season of the year
Where forest dwellers gets enough provisions,
For which nothing can supplant.
Dull would be to pause in spring
To make an end in such sweetness,
So lovely lay the land –all green around
To prepare for life’s walk
In which every foot that would run
To greet another spring.

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