Thursday, 21 March 2013

Frightful Hour

It was an odd hour of the day,
Gods and demi-gods were ragging in the sky,
Thunders were invading the universe,
And the striking flashes of flames,
Uncovered the shadow of light,
In such state, I was but in numb.
Afar, the furious wind came roaring,
And it ruled the green woods and walls,
I sensed the tiredness of dark clouds
Above the range of hills and chain of mountains.
Tears of defeated hearts,
Poured to the ground and of course,
They were taking refuge to our mother earth.
I was still inside my blankets
With much higher rate of my heart beat,
Mood of the hour was heart throbbing,
I was rather soaked in sweat,
I wished if I was not me.

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