Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Unwelcom'd Friend

Good morning rat,
So kind thou art. When I am lonely ill
Thy presence is of much work.
New days ago, I felt thy smartness,
Mine ears heard thee before dawn,
Yet I knew thy deserves.
If I have known that thou art of much nuisance,
I would have kept cat,
Knowing thy freedom, I didn't.
I an't that good today,
I feel mine mind ill.
I knew of thy return,
So I kept a handful of rice,
Few slices of potato, a sag
And a cupful of water
Underneath my cooking table,
Without much disturbance thy got choice.
Its three and the black still rules the earth,
I am still under sleepiness.
I have neither laboratory nor enough lists for thee,
I don't have best room either,
However I m providing you my available.
Rat, thee will be rewarded with more
If silence is maintained in my sleep,
Do not strain my mind in redness,
I don’t like seeing thee loitering around,
I won't kick, I will make thee sick.
Let my short sleep ends, or else
Silently eat the lists of thy choice
Or just leave me alone.

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