Friday, 11 May 2012

Story from Venus

Our fore-parents suffered a lot just to survive themselves. My home was just like your home the earth. That time Venus was the only life supporting planet. Just like the people of the earth we also lived happily. But when the time changed, behavior of the people changed. people looked for their own benefits. They never thought about the future. All the resources available were fully used.

Leaders of the nations tried their best to protect the lives of the people of the planet but nothing worked. Every country worked as they fit. They even didn't bother to look their neighbors. People were so selfish, so rude, not religious. Their hearts were heavy and their mouths were bitter. There was no cooperation between the nations. Their relations broke followed by war. Powerful countries dominated powerless countries.The good thing was, there was great advancement in science and technologies.

Due to the large number of industries, temperature of the planet rises drastically. Air was not safe enough to breath. There was heavy acid-rainfall thereby destroying the crops of the people and even the lives of the animals. Due to the high pollution from the industries, ozone layer failed to protect ultra-violet rays. These rays directly falls to the planet and caused serious damage to the lives of the planet. Snows on the high mountains melts thereby increasing the size of the oceans. Some countries sunk under the oceans.

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